Alice Hole Artwork

Alice Hole Artwork


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I had great fun painting this crab as it is different to my usual subject matter! The colours of its shell were glorious to paint, and I loved trying to replicate the slightly mottled texture of the main body, contrasting with the smooth, shiny claws. Capturing the ice was a real challenge of patience and observation!

I first became involved with the Fishermen’s Mission when I was asked to paint on a piece of the Porthleven baulk wood. My work, alongside many other artists, was auctioned to raise funds, and a staggering amount was reached overall! This made me realise how art and artists can help to support fantastic charities like this one. The Fishermen’s Mission will always be a special charity for me as it helps many people in my locality in Cornwall and supports an industry which has been so important to our nation throughout history. I often create artwork based on this aspect of Cornwall, painting and drawing harbours, boats and fishing equipment, so working with the Fishermen’s mission seemed to be the perfect pairing.

The size of the painted canvas is 42 by 30cm. The price for this unique one of piece of art, including postage is £460, this is not framed. All proceeds will go directly to the charity the Fishermen’s Mission.

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Each purchase helps support fishermen, women, and their families across the UK; through everything from mental health problems, bereavement, and financial stress.


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