Caroline Cleave Artwork

Caroline Cleave Artwork


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“Mackerel never fail to satisfy, they are beautiful to look at and taste delicious too. They swim in one huge shoal but individually, equally beautiful too. Using a Cornish Blue plate I wanted this image to portray this iconic symbol of Cornwall and its Fishing Industry, a place I live in and love.”

It is wonderful to be able to say that Caroline has supported a number of projects for the Fish Mish and no matter what she is dealing with (large exhibition, cooking meals for the local community etc) she makes time and we’re grateful and humbled by her dedication to serve. Each project, piece of artwork that Caroline donated has achieved over a thousand pounds each. Caroline’s following as an artist has spread far and wide and beyond her home county of Cornwall.

The original painted canvas is 45 by 31 cm, priced at £460, this includes postage and packaging, this is unframed. All proceeds from the sale of the art go directly to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Caroline Cleave
Current exhibition in Cornwall

Each purchase helps support fishermen, women, and their families across the UK; through everything from mental health problems, bereavement, and financial stress.


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