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Debby Mason Artwork


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I love drawing fish. My fascination with marine life began in childhood, living in Plymouth, rock pooling and beachcombing at Wembury. Learning to scuba dive in the Sound, exploring the incredible underwater world provides endless inspiration and fires my curiosity.
I took a degree in Printmaking and specialise in Etching which enables me to produce fine line and detail.

Currently, I’m very much enjoying working on posters illustrating our wonderful local fish with Plymouth Trawler Agents to highlight the variety of different species and to encourage the public to widen their tastes. This is important for conservation too. A percentage of sales of the poster ‘Plymouth and its Fish’ goes to the Fishermen’s Mission.

Marine conservation plays a fundamental role in my work, when I was four, the 1967 Torrey Canyon oil spill had a big impact on me, I vividly remember walking along Cornish beaches, getting tar on my feet. It made me realise how destructive environmental disasters can be and how fragile marine life is.

The cuttle fish is an original picture and is sold unframed. Debby has wanted to draw a cuttle fish for a long time and she is delighted she is able to contribute to the Fishermen’s Mission for their 2021 calendar.

Debby Mason.

15cm x 9cm

Each purchase helps support fishermen, women, and their families across the UK; through everything from mental health problems, bereavement, and financial stress.


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