Nathan Outlaw Artwork

Nathan Outlaw Artwork


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“I’m really pleased to be able to support the work of The Fishermen’s’ Mission and grateful to our customers who were willing to give to this worthy cause. We tend to forget that our fishermen put themselves in very real danger every time they go out to sea. Without the dedication and hard work of these men, many of whom have a family history of fishing, we would be unable to enjoy cooking and eating the fantastic fish and seafood that they catch.”

A supporter for many years, Nathan, his family and team have been actively promoting and fundraising the work of the charity. Nathan confessed that if he hadn’t have become a chef, he would have liked to have been a full-time artist. This is the third piece of wonderful art that he has donated and we’re delighted and grateful. He produced the “John Dory” using an app on his computer and the printed version available to buy is on a stretched canvas, it is the only one of its kind and signed by the artist, Nathan. The size of the printed canvas is 80 by 60 cm. The price for this unique one of piece of art, including postage is £195. All proceeds will go directly to the charity the Fishermen’s Mission.

Nathan Outlaw
Chef and Artist

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