The River, Cover by Danny Smith and Will Keating

The River, Cover by Danny Smith and Will Keating


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The River, covered by Danny Smith and Will Keating is a tribute for the families of the crew of the stricken Brixham Trawler Joanna C.

The Story Behind The Track 

A Liskeard Taxi Driver, whose tribute video went viral, is set to release a song to raise money for the families of the crew of the stricken Brixham Trawler Joanna C.

Danny Smith, a Taxi Driver from Liskeard, Cornwall, shared a selfie video of himself singing the Garth Brooks song “The River” after he heard the terrible news about the fishing disaster which resulted in two young lives being lost.  Danny posted it as a tribute, having no idea that the video would go viral. 

After seeing this, Stuart Mann who runs a Falmouth based business, Evotek Marine, contacted Folk Singer Will Keating, who had taken part in a live stream tribute to the lives lost at sea on the Facebook page, Voices of the Borough, a page set up to promote the song, mainly from Cornwall, to lift spirits during the pandemic.  He wondered about the possibility of recording the song and releasing it to raise money for the Fishermen’s Mission in Brixham.

Within a week, more businesses from the Marine Sector across Britain got onboard including John Clark Fishing, A Passion for Seafood, and the Cornish Crab Co. Will then commissioned Cube Recording Studios in Cornwall who produced the backing track a couple of days later. Will and Danny met for the first time in the studio and recorded Danny’s vocal and some backing vocals. The track was then mixed and mastered ready for its release, and sale here, at the Fish Mish Market.

Each purchase helps support fishermen, women, and their families across the UK; through everything from mental health problems, bereavement, and financial stress.

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